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Augie T, Hawai'i's favorite comedian, performs live on stage throughout the State of Hawai'i and anywhere in the U.S. (and the world) that locals may be! From coast to coast, and island to island, Augie T brings comedy that rings tones of familiarity in everyone - even if they are not from Hawai'i! Experience comedy like no other - Catch Augie T LIVE!

Mahalo Hawai'i for voting Augie T for as Hawai'i's bestest!

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See Augie T and Friends LIVE! Every Wednesday Night!

See Augie T LIVE every Wednesday Night at Island Cafe! 

Start The New Year Right With Augie T LIVE!

See Augie T LIVE on the Big Island Friday, January 8, 2016! 

Where Would You Like Augie T To Perform Next?


Here’s your chance to be a Tour Promoter and decide where Augie T performs next – anywhere in the U.S. or around the world! – while raising money for your group or favorite charity!

Augie T's 50 States Tour - Coming Soon

[ 1 ] You provide the location, promote the show, and

         sell at least 200 tickets at $10 or more.

[ 2 ] You pay for half of Augie T’s hotel, airfare, and

         car rental expenses.

[ 3 ] Augie T and his team make your posters, tickets,

         and provide the sound system

[ 4 ] Augie T headlines your show!


*A non-refundable deposit may be required to secure Augie T for the event date you choose.   Let us know when and where you want Augie T to perform next! Contact Augie T today!  


Augie T's "So Dumb 2014" Comedy Show - On Demand NOW! 


"So Dumb 2014" is Augie T's, Hawai'i’s Favorite comedian, 6th one man statewide comedy show poking fun of local politics, his personal life, and much more! 

Watch Augie T's "So Dumb 2014" Comedy Tour on Vimeo On Demand Watch Augie T's "So Dumb 2014" Comedy Tour on Vimeo On Demand
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