Here is a little breakdown of how fundraising works with us: 


If your venue provides sound equipment, please reserve the equipment for your event. If not, Augie's team will bring their own sound equipment. If you want to have food at your event, you may do so according to the venue's regulations. Augie's team is not responsible for catering or any food-related aspects of the fundraiser.


You can decide how much to charge per ticket. The only requirement is that you sell a minimum of 200 tickets. Regardless of price, Augie will receive $5 from each ticket sold. If you sell more than 200 tickets, please note that Augie will continue to receive $5 from each additional ticket sold. The typical rate our clients charge for tickets is $15, where the client receives $10, while Augie receives $5. However, if you think you will be able to sell 200 tickets at a higher price, you may definitely do so. We have had clients charge $20 per ticket with success, making $15 per ticket sold, while Augie made $5 per ticket. Once you have made a decision on your ticket price, we will print 200 tickets and send them to you to sell. If you need more tickets, let us know and we will print more and send them to you.


Once you have decided on your ticket price and secured a venue, we will design a poster including all information you would like to include on it. If you have a few photos, text or logos you'd like on the poster, email them to me with your event information, and we'll add them to the design. Once we finish designing the poster, we will send a PDF file of the poster, so you can print as many as you like and distribute/display them. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for all ticket sales and promotion of your event.


Augie will provide the entertainment and sound equipment for the fundraiser (unless equipment is already provided). Augie will be the headlining act and main performer of the event, and acoustic music will be provided by Augie's brother, Mike Tulba. If you would like to book other performers, you may do so, but you are responsible for their payment and forwarding me their information/ photos to add to the poster.

All we need from you is to reserve the venue, sell tickets, and promote your event. We will do the rest. Please send us you info to start the process.

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